Capstone system to be installed by Feadship in rebuild of 42m Istros

The rebuild of the 42.06m (138ft) classic superyacht Istros by Feadship in Makkum will include the installation of the first-ever direct-drive DC C65 diesel microturbine generator for marine use. The sale was made by Capstone Turbine Corp of the US through Seven Turbine Power BV, Capstone’s exclusive distributor for Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The sale of the system went ahead after receiving ‘Approval in Principle’ from Lloyd’s Register in Rotterdam on the innovative new design. The approval helped with the Lloyd’s certification process and secured the marine project with Feadship. The microturbine is scheduled to be shipped before the end of the year and is set to be commissioned by the summer of 2020.

Istros was built by De Vries Lentsch and delivered in 1954. Her major rebuild will give the superyacht an all-new aluminium superstructure while retaining her elegant original hull. The result will be a virtually brand-new Feadship, built to the highest standards of Feadship quality and featuring the latest equipment.

“The DC marine microturbine is the first of its kind and will provide onboard power for the classic 1950s superyacht Istros. The motoryacht, originally built in 1954, is being completely rebuilt to the highest marine standard and will feature only the latest technologies,” said Darren Jamison, Capstone’s president and CEO. “The name Istros, meaning inspiration, seems appropriate considering the ship will undoubtedly inspire wider use of microturbines in the maritime industry.”

Capstone microturbines, known to be a natural gas or biogas fueled technology, can also run on a variety of fuels in a marine application, such as diesel and liquefied natural gas (LNG), and the DC power output is designed to easily integrate to a battery-based solution suited for superyachts and other large work vessels.

By eliminating the AC to DC conversion step, the microturbine achieves higher efficiency and has extremely low emissions. Thanks to its inherent compact design, installing multiple units as a single redundant generating source to deliver reliable power is another one of the microturbine’s many functionalities in marine applications. Another benefit is that the microturbine’s patented air bearings require no lube oil, which means the formation of an oil film on the water around the vessel is no longer an issue for yacht owners.

“I have been working with the Capstone executive team for many years to develop a marine market for Capstone’s microturbine technology,” said Sven Fransen, director and owner of Seven Turbine Power BV. “It is a dream come true for Seven Turbine to be able to offer such a cutting-edge technology like microturbines to the maritime industry which is undergoing significant change because of recent marine emission regulations.”

“The reason microturbines have not been installed on yachts previously is that marine applications require additional certifications to meet strict life safety requirements. Capstone reviewed this 65 kW DC microturbine with Lloyd’s Register in Rotterdam, and received their Approval in Principle for the design,” said Jim Crouse, Capstone’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “This will facilitate the overall vessel approval for the Istros, and paves the way for full type approval of the Capstone DC C65 diesel microturbine generator, which will expand the opportunity for our products in this new market vertical,” concluded Crouse.