Reintjes UK Ltd will be led by Chris Britner and based in Lincolnshire

The management of Reintjes GmbH and Reintjes Benelux BVBA, the two main entities of German gearbox manufacturer Reintjes, have announced a change of status for their business in the UK.

A new company called Reintjes UK Ltd has been formed, and the former branch office of Reintjes that served the UK and Ireland no longer exists.

Reintjes claims that the new company formation demonstrates the long-term commitment that Reintjes GmbH has in the UK and Republic of Ireland markets. The new arrangement will allow trading in the company’s products in the local currency and allow progressive development of the market with increased sales and market penetration and turnover.

Reintjes UK Ltd will continue to be supported technically and commercially from Reintjes Benelux and guided by their management.

Customer support is a focus of Reintjes and this will be managed by the new company assisted with local authorised and factory trained service partners. Reintjes UK Ltd will continue to promote the company’s products and services in the Republic of Ireland, and the existing commercial arrangements, that are trading in the euro currency, will continue via Reintjes Benelux BVBA.

The new company will be led by Chris Britner, who joined Reintjes in February 2019, and will be based in Lincolnshire.

Reintjes offers a wide range of standard and specialised gearboxes for the leisure sector, mainly for larger yachts, and also produced a range of innovative propulsion systems.