The mobile app matches boat owners or charter companies with individuals wanting to rent a boat

The Republic of Uganda – searching for ways to better utilise its water resources – is turning to tourism, and is jumping on board to not only draw visitors to the country’s lakes, but enable local Ugandans access to safe, quality boats for transport and entertainment.

Using data from the World Tourism Organization that shows some of the world’s top destinations are countries where a majority of activities take place on the water, Uganda is hoping to exploit several of its underutilized large lakes for more than just fishing.

GetMyBoat – the mobile app that matches boat owners or charter companies worldwide with individuals wanting to rent a boat – is hoping to seize a share of what the government guesses is some US$60 billion in untapped revenue potential on Lake Victoria.

Val Streif, the marketing manager for GetMyBoat told the Daily Monitor that Uganda’s significant tourism growth in 2018 and 2019 makes Uganda “a great market for us. As more people are venturing into the country, we want to offer them more options for boating and water experiences to enjoy their time, as well as help locals grow their businesses.”

GetMyBoat claims more than 130,000 ‘water experiences’ in 184 countries. It is currently offering 11 boats in Uganda to date from jet skis and kayaks to ski boats, bow riders and humble fishing skiffs.

“There’s a lot of room to grow and expand as more people become aware of GetMyBoat as an option for boat rentals and water experiences,” Streif said, adding the more people who use the app on either side of the transaction, the faster the countries marine tourism industry will grow.

In addition to tourism, Streif said: “Local Ugandans who want to get out boating without buying a boat can connect with local owners and enjoy their beautiful country easily.”