The company will build antennas for OneWeb’s constellation of LEO satellites

Intellian OneWeb

Intellian and OneWeb to jointly deliver connectivity around the planet

Marine satellite antenna manufacturer Intellian has signed a production contract with global communications firm OneWeb to manufacture user terminals for use on the OneWeb network.

Intellian and OneWeb announced their partnership to develop a wide range of user terminal types for fixed enterprise and maritime markets back in 2019. Now that OneWeb has signed the agreement, the first user terminals will go into production immediately.

“Intellian is excited to be moving into the production phase with the signing of this contract, which represents a significant milestone for both Intellian and OneWeb in our joint partnership to deliver connectivity around the planet,” says Intellian CEO and president Eric Sung.

”We have seen, in real life testing, how our Intellian technology and OneWeb’s network will change lives.”

The user terminals will be deployed to offer global service using OneWeb’s satellite constellation, delivering high throughput and low latency digital connectivity for enterprise, cell backhaul, maritime and government markets.

In a preliminary test setup, Intellian has already demonstrated superior data speeds and extremely low latency using the newly designed Intellian OneWeb User Terminals connected to OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.