Lexus, the luxury automobile division of Toyota Motor Corp, has begun a social media ‘tease’ campaign for the launch of its LY 650 sport yacht scheduled for September.

“What if Lexus went beyond the road?” asks an e-mail from the company and its build partner, Marquis Yachts, sent to its dealers and distributors, as well as automotive and boating media worldwide.

The e-mail includes a link to a ‘trailer video’, the first of five to be released tying together the luxury and “alignment of craftsmanship” between the car maker and yacht builder, according to Marquis marketing VP Matthew Vetzner.

“The campaign is being distributed mostly through Lexus social [media] channels,” Vetzner told IBI. “We’re hoping that the worldwide network of dealers and distributors continue the campaign through their own social channels.”

Included with the video link are four hashtags suggested for use when posted on social media platforms.

One video will be released every three to five weeks between now and the 16 September LY 650 launch event, with the final installment to be sent to 50 “lifestyle” journalists who are being targeted for the release.