Dutch builder delivers 86 yachts in the first six months of 2019

Linssen Yachts of the Netherlands says it delivered 87 yachts in the first half of 2019, including its entire fleet of pre-owned vessels. Marketing manager Paul Beelen said the deliveries comprised 61 new and 26 used motoryachts.

“I have never seen such sales of pre-owned motoryachts,” Beelen told IBI. “Normally, we have a fleet of about 12, 13 used boats. Right now we have none. And at the same time, our new yachts continue to sell well.”

Linssen Yachts, founded in 1949, annually sells around 70 custom steel motoryachts in the 9m-15m (29ft-49ft) range across Europe.

“I think that in 2019 we’ll again sell 70 or so new yachts,” says Beelen. He says his strong sales of used vessels is used not unique. “I pick up signals across the industry of healthy sales of pre-owned motoryachts this year.”