Monte Carlo Yachts is adding enclosed flybridges to the four smallest yachts in its range

Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY), the Italian motoryacht-building arm of Groupe Beneteau, is expanding its product offering, especially for the US market, by adding enclosed flybridges on the four smallest models in its range – the MCY 66, MCY 70, MCY 76 and MCY 80.

At a gala celebration highlighting MCY’s first decade and the three second-generation models that it is launching this year, a spectacular light show was used to display the three new yachts. The event, which entertained a large number of Italian and international guests comprising marine media, yacht owners, local officials and other clients, was held at Portopiccoio Marina close to MCY’s Monfalcone build facility.

The changes included in the three second-generation yachts comprise larger windows, a number of exterior profile changes and a range of interior improvements. The relationship which has lasted since the start of MCY in 2008 between the brand and designers Nuvolari Lenard is extended in the development of the three new second-generation models and those with the new enclosed flybridges.

Explaining the addition of the enclosed flybridges initially for the US market, Fabrizio Iarrera, managing director of MCY, explained at a press briefing that the nature of various climates in some countries around the world made it appropriate to use enclosed flybridges and the US is one of these markets.

Asked if the future product development strategy of MCY would include only second-generation models or a mix of such models and new yachts, Iarrera told IBI: “That is a question for the next press conference.” He did confirm that an MCY 130 model was in development but did not indicate when it might be launched. The largest in the current MCY range is the MCY 105.

Besides this being an MCY celebration, it was also a Groupe Beneteau event. Anette Beneteau-Roux, a member of the Beneteau family, introduced Jerome de Metz, chairman and CEO of Groupe Beneteau who replaced Herve Gastinel, who left recently.

Metz spoke of the brands within the group, its strong financial position and its leading positions in various boating sectors across the global market. He also introduced the new structure of Groupe Beneteau with the formation of the new Product Strategy and Operational Efficiency divisions which will be leading the future group activities.

The expanded role of the Monfalcone shipyard was also emphasised as the luxury yacht manufacturing facility for Groupe Beneteau. This will see from the autumn the building of all CNB models comprising the CNB60, CNB66 and CNB76 which will be moved from Bordeaux. This transfer is being made to give Groupe Beneteau greater capacity to cope with the growth in the global catamaran market which has included the launch last year of the new Excess catamaran brand.

Yann Masselot, CEO of CNB, explained that as CNB yachts are built in a similar modular manner to those of MCY, the transfer included a lot of synergy. CNB models will be slotted into the building bays which are part of the MCY build facility.