To be in operation by end of the summer

A new 300 tonne travel lift will be ready for operation by the end of the summer season at Varadero Valencia. This new lift will double the hoisting capacity from the current 150 tonne capacity at the Spanish facility and assembly will start shortly to be ready by September.

Varadeo Valencia say that the new travelift will meet the growing demand to hoist yachts of greater tonnage that up-to-date wasn’t possible to attend in the shipyard. The yard has been experiencing a rising demand from owners of larger yachts to meet the needs of vessel repairs and refits.

The construction of the new travel lift will be overseen by the Italian manaufacturer Cimolai Technology. The travelift will be 17.2m(56.5ft) long, 10m wide and 15.2m high. It will feature a total of 16 wheels, eight of which are motorised to offer greater manoeuvrability. Its 215hp Volvo diesel engine will lift out yachts up to 300 tonnes via 16 slings and four hoist-out points, three of them movable to ensure greater adaptability to the size of the vessels. What’s more, the engine of the new travelift complies with the requirements of Stage IV/Tier 4F regulations.

With this new travelift, Varadero Valencia will be able to lift-out yachts up to 45m (148ft), with nine metres of beam and maximum draught of five metres.

Commneting on the new lift Santiago Donat, managing director of Varadero Valencia, said: “The incorporation of this new travel-lift with a hoist out capacity of up to 300 tonnes will be a huge plus to the services offered by our yard. The trend of ever bigger yachts was one of the key factors behind this decision, but it was also triggered by the increasing demand of customers who want expert refit and repair in Valencia.”

He outlined that the yard offer very competitive prices and a host of leisure and entertainmet options for crew during the works being underway. “Varadero Valencia,” he added, “will now be in a position to take on the demand for larger yachts and we hope to grow even further to meet our customers’ requirements”.