Start-up builder Avid Boats will focus on aluminium bay and bass boats for domestic market

A newly-launched US boatbuilder aims to capture a share of the lucrative domestic aluminium fishing boat market.

Avid Boats, which officially opened its doors this month, plans to concentrate on manufacturing 18ft-23ft aluminium centre console bay boats and 18ft-21ft aluminium bass boats for the domestic US market, with output forecast at 750 units in 2020 and 1,500 units per year by 2022. In its first 12 months of business, the company aims to offer six different models.

Located in Amory, Mississippi, the new company has acquired an 80,000sq ft manufacturing facility formerly occupied by a packaging company. The new venture is said to represent a $1.6m corporate investment which is forecast to create 75 jobs. Avid Boats currently employs 18 people, and Faulkner anticipates having 40 employees by the end of this year. The launch of the new company is being supported by state and regional economic development authorities, including assistance with facility improvements and workforce training as well as tax incentives for investment and job creation.

“Although we are a start-up, our team brings 100-plus years of combined marine industry experience to the table,” said Avid Boats president, Phillip Faulkner. “The boat business has been a part of my life since I can remember, and it has always been a dream of mine to start from the ground up and continue my family’s legacy as a successful boat manufacturing operation.”