Oy Maritim AB supports US firm’s decision to stop selling HFC-based fire suppressants

Sea-Fire, the US supplier of marine fire detection and suppression systems, has named Oy Maritim AB as its new Finnish distributor.

Maritim represents over 17,000 recreational boating and sea rescue products, including Sea-Fire pre-engineered systems, and offers specialised maintenance services. The company serves OEMs, dealers and consumers in the Baltic states, Poland, Russia and Scandinavia.

“We’re pleased to welcome Maritim to our global network of suppliers,” says Sea-Fire Europe MD Ernie Ellis. “They embrace environmentally friendly products and fully support our decision to stop selling HFC-based fire suppressants.”

In 2018, Sea-Fire Europe announced it would cease distribution of HFC-based (hydrofluorocarbon) fire-suppression agents that contribute to global warming, offering 3M Novec 1230 instead. “This move is well ahead of the EU mandated phase-down of HFCs, a greenhouse gas, and proactively addresses the coming shortage issues,” says Sea-Fire in a statement.