Businessman Ib Kunøe now owns 100% of the Danish sailing yacht producer

After acquiring a 51% stake in X-Yachts through his holding company Consolidated Holding A/S, entrepreneur and businessman Ib Kunøe has bought the remaining shares in the Danish sailing yacht producer.

According to website Baadmagasinet, Kunøe will strengthen the ambitions for the company. Besides including the newly bought HOC Yacht motorboat in the model programme, the businessman wants to increase the company´s turnover from today´s DKK 300m annually up to DKK 500m.

X-Yachts is Denmark´s most well-known boat producer with a history of building more than 6,000 boats. The financier bought the first 51% share of the company from founders Birger Hansen, Lars Jeppesen and Niels Jeppesen.

Ib Kunøe’s holding company, Consolidated Holdings A/S, conducts business through a number of fully or partly owned companies. The overall turnover of these companies is DKK 25bn and has around 8,000 employees, primarily in Europe. Consolidated Holdings had an equity of DKK 2.2bn.