The collaboration enables a wide range of integration and customisation options for boatbuilders and system integrators

Raymarine Axiom CZone

CZone integration for Raymarine Axiom MFDs is described as a ’win-win’ for the industry

FLIR Systems has announced that its Raymarine Axiom MDF line is now compatible with CZone digital control and monitoring systems.

The collaboration enables boatbuilders and system integrators to deliver custom CZone digital switching solutions with rich graphical interfaces controlled through Raymarine’s line Axiom MFDs.

CZone digital switching simplifies the installation of boat electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces, providing ultimate control of onboard electrical systems.

When integrated with the Axiom MFD, the CZone system offers control of many different types of onboard electrical devices, including lighting and climate control.

Raymarine will offer CZone and Raymarine customers a customised graphical interface solution that allows boatbuilders and system integrators to create highly customised graphical CZone control pages that integrate seamlessly with Axiom’s LightHouse 3 dashboard app.

“We are pleased to offer CZone digital switching integration with our Raymarine Axiom platform,” says Jim Hands, director of marketing for the Maritime Division at FLIR. “Raymarine and CZone compatibility opens a wide range of integration and customisation options for our boatbuilding partners.

“CZone integration with our Axiom MFDs is a win-win for the industry.”