Australian builder delivers 100th 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition to new owner

Riviera 6000 Platinum edition Sport Yacht -100 th delivery

Hull 100 of the Riviera 6000 Platinum edition Sport Yacht

The launch at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May last year of three Riviera Sports Yacht models in a new Platinum Edition saw the Australian boatbuilder move up a gear into a more luxury styling. The success of that initiative has been highlighted with news that it has just launched the 100th model of its flagship 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition.

Over the past 18 months, this success shows the popularity that this model and its sister 5400 and 4800 Platinum edition models have achieved.

The special 100th 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition craft is being delivered by R Marine Sydney dealer representative Michael Joyce to a new owner who has a long association with Riviera motoryachts. The 6000 will be his seventh Riviera over the past 13 years, with his most recent Riviera being her sistership the 5400 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition.

The new owner commented: “My first Riviera 5400 was Hull 007 and the second was Hull 077, so the opportunity to get Hull 100 of the 6000 was hard to resist. The 6000 was always the boat that we desired. She carries a beautiful volume internally and is the perfect size to handle by yourself or as a couple.”

The new owner spends every weekend aboard his Riviera with his partner. “The 6000 is our Sydney apartment,” he added. “We sometimes take short trips but mostly we enjoy our weekends on the harbour. It’s a great spot. Next year, we may look at planning an extended trip up the coast to the Whitsundays for winter.”

The new owner’s experience with Riviera over many years has been supported by a strong relationship with dealer representative R Marine Sydney’s dealer principal Michael Joyce.

“The 6000 Sport Yacht has become a popular choice for those who truly enjoy the luxuries she affords,” says Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst. “We are indeed fortunate at Riviera to have been able to maintain production at these times, and focusing on the care of our staff, dealership representatives and owners. Milestone achievements such as these bring great pride to our highly skilled Riviera team members.”