Manex & Power Marine’s include some of South Africa’s biggest boatbuilders

South African marine supplies company Manex & Power Marine have opened a new warehouse facility in Maitland, the company confirmed last week.

Manex previously shared a warehouse with its sister company, Central Boating, also owned by leading tourism and leisure group Cullinan Holdings. The two companies operate independently but will now have separate and increased warehousing capacity.

The group’s clients include some of South Africa’s biggest and smallest boatbuilders, including Robertson & Caine.

Manex CEO Gary Sindler said the need for additional space was driven by increasing product lines to service and supply multiple customer sectors. “The demand for high-quality international products with strong local support and service has been constant and we’re getting our products into new sectors. The 4X4 and leisure vehicle sector has enjoyed fantastic growth in recent years and we’re very happy to be part of that.”

The company was also expanding into the green economy, with electric propulsion and other energy efficiencies to support the growing local and global environmental consciousness. With increasing innovation and acceptance from the markets, new products are being launched more frequently and the growing uptake from the end-user is helping reduce costs, Sindler said.

“The bottom line is we outgrew our old facility which we used to share with Central,” Sindler said. “This will definitely drive further efficiencies at Manex.”

Sindler said while stock inventories would henceforth be separate, customers would still benefit from cost savings made possible by consolidated supply shipments wherever possible. “It is in the customer’s interests that we can bring stuff in cheaper, and we will keep on doing that,” Sindler said.

The recent weakness of the local currency has led to an increase in pricing. However, due to the volatility of the Rand, there are opportunities to buy when the Rand is trending stronger and ultimately offer competitively priced products to the market. “Well-priced leading brands and excellent service has been key in our success,” said Sindler, “and we’re well-positioned to take the company to the next level.”

The Cape Town boatbuilding industry has benefited from the excitement generated by the Cape 31 and the recent hotly contested Lipton Cup. “The positive global exposure has been tremendous, and we will definitely enjoy the benefits.”