Al Blagha Industrial to ensure Safe Boats’ vessels in the region receive support and maintenance

Safe Boats International in the US has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabian company Al Blagha Industrial to create a partnership that will ensure Safe Boats’ vessels in the region receive the support and maintenance required for maximum mission effectiveness. The agreement also paves the way for Al Blagha to build the Safe Boats range of designs in Saudi Arabia.

Safe Boats builds a wide range of military and para-military RIBs based on aluminium hulls that have been sold to the US military as well as exported to many countries – notably Saudi Arabia. The ability to get support and service for these craft from local sources is an important part of many military contracts and this agreement formalises an arrangement that has been in place on an informal basis.

“This critical partnership is the cornerstone of our strategy in the region, and we are honoured to partner with Al Blagha Industrial,” Richard Schwarz, Safe Boats’ CEO, said in a statement. “Safe Boats and Al Blagha formed this partnership based on shared values and a common vision for bringing an aluminium boat building capability to the region. This agreement creates a foundation for the success of both companies and embodies the core tenets of Vision 2030.”

Fares Al Blawi, Al Blagha CEO, commented: “Our partnership with Safe Boats International, a leading international boatbuilder, is an important step forward for Vision 2030’s goal of economic diversification and defense self-reliance, for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Safe Boats also has an agreement with Cotecmar in Colombia to co-produce their boats in that country. Safe Boats offers a range of sophisticated superyacht tenders based on their RIB designs and this sector could see expansion in the Middle East following this agreement.