SeaStar Solutions, the maker of vessel control, fuel systems and system integration components, has been renamed Dometic Marine in the parent company’s effort to consolidate more than 30 brands under the Dometic Marine umbrella.

The 100-year-old Swedish company provides “solutions for mobile living” in food & beverage, climate, power & control, safety & security and hygiene & sanitation and has doubled in size has doubled in size over the past five years, largely through acquisitions like SeaStar, with marine now representing about one-fourth of the company’s business, according to Peter Kjellberg, chief marketing officer for Dometic.

“SeaStar is the major bulk of that growth. And then we have had some nice, organic growth also. So, it’s a mix of organic growth and acquisitions,” Kjellberg told an audience at least week’s International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition (IBEX) in Tampa, Florida.

“We want to have as few brands as possible, and we want to have global brands and we want to be able to do Dometic as the global brand,” he said.

Dometic purchased SeaStar – along with its 30 brands and hundreds of products – in 2017. The ultimate goal, said Kjellberg, will be two brands: Dometic Marine for OEM sales and its aftermarket giant Sierra.

The two-year changeover, Kjellberg says, is part of the company’s over-all branding strategy.

“If you wonder about the legacy, we keep the legacy by, you have the legacy in the process. That’s the most important, to have consistency in the individuals, of course. And we keep it as product names. So, you get a double branding under many years and then you keep the recognitions and then after a while, then you do a switch. That’s normally how you do it. But the product name will always be there.”