Seatorque Control Systems, a leading-edge technology propulsion systems’ manufacturer based in the US, has named Halyard as its exclusive distributor for the European and Scandinavian markets. Headquartered in the UK ,Halyard is an industry leader in the design and development of sophisticated and specially designed exhaust systems.

Seatorque is renowned for its BOSS Bolt-On Shaft System – an enclosed system that features an oil-filled, self-contained shaft and thrust bearing assembly that the manufacturer claims dramatically reduces friction, underbody drag, engine vibration, noise and mechanical losses while it increases power for propulsion.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Halyard and eagerly look forward to working with them in the future” said Seatorque Executive vice president, Jana Stolper. “Their ability to offer exceptionally designed engineeringsolutions and superb customer service made Halyard a natural partner for us as we expand our customer base throughout Europe” added Stolper.

David Johnson, sales director at Halyard commented: “Seatorque produces an exceptional range of propulsion systems that perfectly align with our Halyard family of products. Halyard’s tagline is ’The Science of Silence’. Adding Seatorque to our product mix means we can emphasize this focus and advance it further with improved performance through reduced vibration and a more efficient use of thrust from the engines and propellers.”

Halyard will be promoting and exhibiting Seatorque equipment at the upcoming SEAWORK Show in Southampton, United Kingdom, June 11– 13. SEAWORK is the largest European commercial marine exhibition.