Thetford Marine, an Italian producer of Tecma macerating toilets, Thetford cooking appliances and Norcold refrigeration units, has chosen VDM-Reya to serve as its distributor for France. VDM-Reya is a leading wholesaler on the French leisure boat and yacht equipment market.

“Process efficiency and effectiveness is a primary importance to us in order to assure the highest quality products and services,” - says Gianluca Silvestri, Business Unit Manager of Thetford Marine. “By improving the distribution network in France with VDM-Reya, we’re now able to better cater our customers’ needs and faster serve them.”

VDM-Reya will offer Tecma products via its website starting from December and the first shipments from the warehouse in Toulon are expected in January. Thetford Marine, the nautical division of the Thetford Group, is based in Otricoli, Italy, where it produces Tecma macerator toilets.

Thetford’s global headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the US, and its European headquarters is in Etten-Leur in the Netherlands.