The Italian transmission specialist claims to be the world’s first company to obtain the approval for its hybrid modules and batteries

Transfluid Trasmissioni Industriali, an Italian power transmission manufacturer, says it has recently become the world’s first company to obtain two DNV-GL Type Approvals – one for its complete range of marine parallel hybrid modules and another for its LiFePO4 Battery Banks.

The type approval for batteries includes the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) extension, a more strict list of requirements that makes the company’s batteries the safest in the world, Transfluid claims. A total absence of carbon and graphite eliminates the risk of ‘thermal runaway’, which is said to be one of the greatest barriers to obtaining DNV-GL and NMA approval.

Transfluid’s parallel hybrid technology is said to offer true redundancy on board, something that is uppermost for several inland water and off shore applications. The parallel hybrid concept makes propulsion possible either through the internal combustion engine or through the electric motor, being both connected to the same powertrain.

”The electric machine, that is motor and generator at the same time, allows fast battery charge during the i.c.e. operating mode, getting rid of shore recharging infrastructures, one of today’s barriers towards a full electric solution,” says the company in a statement. 

Transfluid has now applied for Type Approval for Electric Machines and other Transmissions, which is likely to be obtained in 2020.