The GN47 and GN60 are the first two models in the GreeNaval series from Naval Yachts

Naval Yachts, located in the Antalya Free Zone in Turkey, is working on a new aluminium hybrid yacht series called ‘GreeNaval’. The concept behind the GreeNaval series is maximum comfort and efficiency, combined with eco-friendly technology.

Naval Yachts claims to differ from other electric yacht producers, offering vast and modern furnished interiors at a reasonable price.

GreeNaval has four different propulsion options depending on the customer’s needs – a full-green option, electric motor, hybrid system, or diesel engine.

The first two models in the series, the GN47 and GN60, are currently under construction. The company plans to introduce them at the 2020 Düsseldorf Boat Show in January.

With an LOA of 14.3m, the GN47 has a 20Nm range and is able to cruise for two hours by solar panels. With a DC generator, the GreeNaval 47 is capable of 2,000Nm at 6kt.

The GN60 is an aluminium hybrid trawler yacht with an LOA of 18.3m. This model has two 370hp Volvo Penta diesel engines and two 150kW electric motors. GN60, which offers 16kt cruising speed with diesel option can achieve 11.5kt cruise speed with electric motors.

Naval Yachts is located on 7,000sq m closed area with a height of 17m which allows all kinds of services for yachts of up to 65m. The yard has fully-equipped workshops for furniture, stainless steel, mechanics, electrics, upholstery, plumbing, lamination and paint-varnish.

Naval Yachts is also known for its work with US trawler manufacturer Bering Yachts. The two companies had a joint venture agreement that ran from 2012 until May 2018.