New 58ft range in the pipe along with smaller ‘accessible’ composite models to broaden brand’s appeal

Ten months after a Dutch equity fund acquired a stake in Vanquish Yachts of the Netherlands, the maker of fast, luxury day boats is aggressively broadening its portfolio and stepping up production. The company has hired Tijl Hetterschijt, formerly head of product marketing at Hanse Yachts, to put the Vanquish brand on waters everywhere.

“Vanquish is growing fast,” he tells IBI News. “We work hard to become more visible. Our yachts are attractive and distinctive. That is our strongest marketing point.”

Founded in 2013, Vanquish has to date built 38 high-end motor craft – from 16 to 54ft. Hetterschijt, hired to streamline production to boost sales, says several new models will soon hit the water.

“Key among them is a new 58ft, range in wheelhouse, closed wheelhouse, T-Top and open cockpit versions,” he says. “We have already sold 5 though the model was only presented this year.” Vanquish has the ambition to build up to 95ft. “We are talking to potential clients, but these are long-term prospects.”

Vanquish has to date built in aluminium, but will launch in 2019, a 38ft model in composite. It is designed to be a “more accessible starting model to help us get our brand on the water,” says Hetterschijt. “Not just in the Med and other well-known locations, but worldwide.”



The Vanquish 16, ‘scooter tender’

Hetterschijt says below 45ft. “pricing of aluminium custom-built motor yachts is an issue. To be price-competitive below that length we need to build in composite so we can build more boats and accelerate our visibility.”

The Vanquish line starts at 16ft, a fast scooter-tender. In 2019, an 11ft, will be introduced to fit in the same garage holding a Williams 325 tender.

This year, Vanquish founder Tom Steentjes sold a stake in his yard to TransEquity Network, a Dutch equity investor that targets small, profitable companies with good international growth potential. “The acquisition offered us the opportunity to speed up our growth ambitions,” says Steentjes. “We have extensive knowledge and experience in aluminium yacht building. Vanquish is already the most chartered day cruiser in Ibiza.”

Next summer, Vanquish will open a 2nd build hall in the Netherlands to double annual production: 20 to 25 aluminium +45 ft. craft. Of the shorter lengths, Vanquish expects to produce about 20 a year.

Vanquish credits its brand’s wow factor, customization and short delivery times for its success. “Dutch-built motor yachts have a delivery time of 1 or 2 years,” says Hetterschijt. “At Vanquish, the time between contract signing and delivery is a lot shorter.”

Steentjes is focusing on the US market, Hetterschijt on Europe, Australia and Asia. In 2019, the company will attend the Miami, Palm Beach, Cannes and Monaco yacht shows.