Firm says its software solution for Refit and New Build Management is set to revolutionise the industry

First conceived in March 2018 and designed to make the lives of captains, crew and yacht managers easier, Yachtware’s claims its software solution for Refit and New Build Management is now set to revolutionise the industry’s approach to project management and reporting.

Yachtware say is tool is specifically tailored to the needs of yacht crew, yacht managers, and owners of yachts over 40m that are undergoing a refit or embarking on a new build project.

Intended to streamline processes, reduce manual data entry and email traffic, and unite an international off-site team, Yachtware aims to deliver real-time visibility of project status and progress, an audit trail of project evolution and allows for automated reporting tasks can be viewed by person and status, and multiple filters can be chained together to narrow down to a more specific data selection.

Accessible via the Cloud on all devices and operating systems Yachtware negates the need for multiple Excel sheets and avoids any risk of data loss with regular back-ups pre-programmed.

Yachtware can be selected and used as the software of choice for an individual captain or yacht, but is also available under a corporate ‘white label’ license, so that yacht management companies can offer the product as part of their service portfolio.

Yachtware is available on a fixed monthly fee per module, for unlimited users with unlimited data storage, and Yachtware offer an on-going maintenance and support service which includes new user training, query resolution, tweaks to existing functionality, and general maintenance/security updates when available.

The Team behind the new software include Commercial and Ooperational director David Nabarro, a chartered accountant, trained by Deloitte, with 15 years’ experience as a finance professional assisting businesses to use technology to grow sustainably and profitably; and Ian Yates – Product Design and UX Director, who has extensive experience in product and user interface design and for the last 10 years has been the web design editor at Envato.