Earlier this week Yamaha revealed its top-line strategic goals up until 2030 along with a new medium-term management plan for the three year period starting in 2019. The plans cover various product sectors in the company’s business portfolio.

As far as the marine business is concerned the stated key elementsof the plans are:

  • To continue the roll out of global outboard motor production;
  • Improve production capacity and flexibility;
  • Further expansion of an integrated marine business strategy;
  • Continued evolution as a system supplier;
  • To continue new product development strategies building on existing technologies;
  • Offer attractive items and services;
  • Promote suppliers’ marine systems strategies; and
  • Focus on further increasing product reliability.

Across Yamaha’s existing business of Land Mobility, Marine and Robotics, the company’s goal is to acheive a net sales increase of ¥325 billion (US$2.86 bn) as it seeks to push total sales for the whole Yamaha Group to two trillion yen with an operating income margin of 9% by 2022 (2018 forecast: ¥1,650 billion yen and operating income margin 8.7%).

Yamaha also intends to secure a ¥140 billion (US$ 1.23 bn) fund to allocate resources to growth areas including M&A options over this period.                 

As part of its long term strategy Yamaha has also committed to reduce the CO2 emissions from its manufactured products by 50% by the year 2050.