Outboard manufacturer Tohatsu has launched a new global branding campaign aimed at a younger generation of boaters.

The Japanese outboard manufacturer conducted a global survey of boaters in 2016, focusing particularly on the US and Europe, and found that though millennials were receptive to Tohatsu’s technology and their engineering philosophy – providing outboards that are lightweight, compact, easy to maintain and at a reasonable price – the survey revealed that the Tohatsu brand was not that well known among target consumers.

In a bid to reinforce the brand and to engage with the next generation of consumers, Tohatsu has developed a global branding campaign incorporating a new brand logo and tagline. In the words of Tohatsu, the new logo, 'Tohatsu Blue Wings' is meant to evoke "the image of the sea hawk that flies over the oceans across the world,” while with its associated tag line 'Feel the Wind': “We want people everywhere to feel the exhilarating wind coming off the wings of Tohatsu," explained Kuniharu Maki, general manager of Tohatsu’s Marine Sales Department.

Maki added: “Our target customers are people in a category we call “SMARTS”; these are boaters looking for a more refined, stimulating experience. They make up 18% of all owners of boats with engines in USA and Europe."

As part of the new branding campaign, Tohatsu launched its website at www.tohatsu.com featuring the new ‘Blue Wings’ logo.

At the heart of all Tohatsu outboards is its Simpliq Technology, a name that embodies the Tohatsu technological philosophy which it claims, sets out to combine simplicity, interface and quality.

In January the engine manufacturer reached the significant milestone of producing its 4 millionth outboard. "It is a great honour to be able to celebrate this moment of such an achievement with you. For all that, we thank every single one of you," said by Toshihiro Kudo, president of Tohatsu Marine Corporation.

"Until today, Tohatsu Corporation has been manufacturing outboard motors since 1956 known as a pioneer of manufacturing outboard motors in Japan, and we are committed to continue to thrive for many more to come with that pride in ourselves," continued Kudo.

Tohatsu was founded in 1922 and lays claim to being the first mass producer of outboard motors in Japan.