Future challenges on the agenda

In the wake of the recent successful Palma International Boat Show and the Palma Superyacht Show, a meeting of all relevant organisations has been arranged for May 20 to review the current state and future of the marine industry in the Balearic Islands.

Under the title of ‘The Nautical Industry in the Balearic Islands: Current Situation and Future Challenges’, the meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce. The event will be led by the Association of Mediterranean Navigation (AMN).

In a statement the AMN said: “Six days before the elections on May 26, which will mark the next four years of sailing in our community, the most representative associations in the sector will analyze this term that ends and will present their point of view of what should be the future in the different areas of the sector.”

Topics such as nautical facilities, the Posidonia decree, the expansion of the Cabrera National Park, or recreational fishing, among others, will be addressed. The event is open to the organisation representing any part of the nautical industries which are a key part of the Balearic economy. Representatives of political parties will also be invited so that they are aware of the industry situation ahead of the elections.

Among the marine organisations will be the Collaborate Association of Nautical Clubs of the Balearic Islands, Anade, Association of Recreational Navigators (ANAVRE), Associació d’Empreses Nautiques de les Illes Balears (AENIB), Majorcan Association of Recreational Fishing Resposable, APEAM and Associació Pescadors Illes Balears (APIB).

It was recently made known that there would be a halt to any new marinas in the Balearic Islands, though existing facilities would be allowed to expand.