More exhibitors, best display of superyachts and more visitors

2019 Monaco Yacht Show

The 2019 Monaco Yacht Show attracted 600 exhibitors

The 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, its 29th edition, was said to be a positive success that has set a strong foundation for the celebration next year of the 30th anniversary of the event.

At 600, the number of exhibitors was the largest yet and the 120-plus fleet of superyachts, including over 40 new craft, was felt to be the most impressive ever shown.

Post show the feedback from the exhibitors is pragmatic and positive. The orgaisers say “although the market could be stronger, positive signs are to be noted, including the higher number of private visitors present at Monaco’s Port Hercule this year.”

This group included guests of MYS, invited to visit the various superyachts up for sale or charter. The MYS private concierge service invited just over 200 VIP visitors (150 in 2018), linking them up with the show’s exhibitors and triggering over 50 yacht visits. The majority of these potential clients came from the US, Russia, England, China and India. Exhibitors noted a definite trend in visitor profile: a broader range of countries, a wider age bracket, and serious intentions to buy or charter.

The MYS confirmed its status as a major annual event in the world of luxury yachting by unveiling some of the latest superyacht projects, technologies and joint ventures during the four days. The event’s importance was further established by the outstanding quality of the yachts exhibited in the water and the wide range of products and services presented at the various stands.

“The show acts as a true catalyst for trends in the yachting world of the future, proving to future owners and yachting professionals that the MYS is an absolute must – as confirmed by the albeit slight increase (3.8%) in attendance this year with 31,565 visitors compared to 30,400 in 2018,” said the organisers.

The value of the 125 superyachts on show was estimated at around €4bn. The superyacht exhibition included 44 new models and 14 megayachts over 70m (230ft) in length, including two over 100m (328ft). Although the average length remained stable at 49.5m, the average price for a motoryacht exhibited at the show reached €37.8m this year.

All in all, the 2019 MYS boasted yachts that were bigger than ever, as well as a tendency towards “greener” yachts and enhanced performance in terms of technology, speed and design.

Some 600 participating companies occupied a large portion of Port Hercule in Monaco, organised into different themed areas. Yacht builders, brokers and designers set up their stands on the quaysides, close to their yachts. Tender and water toy manufacturers showcased no fewer than 55 pieces of equipment, over half of which were being presented for the very first time.

Events prior to the show included the 6th Monaco Yacht Show Superyacht Awards ceremony and the 4th edition of the Monaco Yacht Summit.

The 30th anniversary edition of MYS will be held from September 23-26, 2020.