The 2019 Tuzla Boat Show and CNR Eurasia Boat Show overlapped by three days

Turkey’s two rival boat shows have drawn to close, leaving much speculation as to how the events will unfold next year.

The Tuzla Boat Show opened first and ran from February 16-25 at Via Port Marina in Istanbul, followed by the CNR Eurasia Boat Show from February 23 to 3 March at the CNR Exhibition Centre  both on opposite sides of the city.

The Tuzla show was held inside a temporary 35,000sq m covered mega structure whose set-up took 20 days. The show also had boats over 20m displayed on water.

Nearly 150 exhibitors were in attendance, with a high proportion of sailing yachts on display. Sailing schools were also among the exhibitors.

This was the Tuzla show’s second edition, meaning there was quite a learning curve. Snowy weather in Istanbul created a significant difference in indoor/outdoor temperature, creating high levels of humidity inside the mega structure. On the last day, several exhibitors left the hall saying that physical conditions were not good for the boats on display.

After the difficulties of the Tuzla show, the CNR Eurasia Boat Show made a strong impression on both visitors and exhibitors. The show took place in an 85,000sq m covered area.

This year the CNR Eurasia Boat Show added a new hall for camping and caravan companies, which attracted much interest. Yacht equipment firms were particularly pleased, as many also provide equipment for caravans. Nearly 250 companies joined the exhibition, including 40 camping and caravan firms. Attendance was said to be satisfying.

The common opinion is that two boat shows in Istanbul is not necessary in Turkey’s current economic climate. The shows have also divided the marine sector in the country and created tension within the industry.