Latin America’s biggest indoor boat show attracted more than 36,000 people, marking revival of Brazilian market

The largest indoor boat show in Latin America, the São Paulo Boat Show, attracted an audience of more than 36,000 people who came to view the products of 102 exhibitors and 110 boats. During the six-day event, which ended on Wednesday, September 24, the organisers reported revenues of around US$42m on the sale of 275 boats, a 10% increase over last year.

The organiser of the São Paulo Boat Show, Ernani Paciornik, believes that the 22nd edition of the exhibition marked a revival of the Brazilian boating market which showed so much promise a few years ago.

Intermarine, the leading Brazilian luxury boatbuilder, presented high-impact new models. “The São Paulo Boat Show has a key role in promoting the segment, encouraging its growth and Intermarine continually works by bring innovations during the event,” says Roberta Ramalho, CEO of the company.

“São Paulo Boat Show 2019 was a milestone for the rebound of Brazilian marine market. The correct economic and public security measures encouraged customers. Sedna Group believes in the growth of the sector,” says Elio Rossi from Sedna Group.

“We are happy and pleased with our participation in São Paulo Boat Show, the event remains the best opportunity to present the major news and trends of our products,” said José Antônio Galizio Neto, president of Intech Boating.

The event also hosted the Padi Dive Festival with news for diving and a space for Nautical Destinations, with the presence of several municipalities that invest in nautical tourism infrastructure. The initiative aims to highlight that this is a diverse sector that builds an ecosystem of opportunity.

The 5th International Nautical Congress was held simultaneously and attended by government authorities and international representatives. The Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, reaffirmed: “The Ministry of Tourism is aware that Nautical Tourism needs federal government partnerships and incentives, working together with state governments, so that we can make this tourism sector so important to society, perhaps the most important from the point of view of the generation of jobs and income.”

According to Eduardo Colunna, ACOBAR’s president, the 22nd edition was a success in every way, as it attracted a select audience and people new to the boating lifestyle, also the layout of the show provided good entertainment for visitors. He added “The launch of new models were an invitation to new business and sales success. We hope the event was the start for summer orders.”

Next year’s São Paulo Boat Show will take place from September 25-30.