In just 10 years of operation, UK based Lumishore has won the Queens Award for Enterprise 5 times and received 7 DAME nominations for innovation in as many years. So, what are the secrets to Lumishore’s success?

“To be successful in this business, you need brilliant people” says Lumishore’s CEO, Eifrion Evans. “Although the use of LEDS for marine lighting is no longer in its infancy, we continue to make meaningful innovations, which are of value to builders and installers”.


Lumishore Lumilink uses HTML5 as a protocol

Lighting specialists Lumishore have developed Lumilink, which uses HTML5 as a protocol. This makes it much easier to carry more data, and upgrade easily through the black box seen in the foreground

In 2017, Lumishore launched their Lumi-Link system, the World’s first Marine Application Interface (API). Initially available for Garmin MFDs with ‘OneHelm’, the black-box lighting platform is now available for leading MFD’s. It is designed to create a better user experience by centralising all light control on the large touch-screen display, effectively de-cluttering the dash. Simply by connecting the cable, the MFD automatically recognises the Lumishore system. Lumi-Link uses HTML5, rather than overloading the NMEA2000 network. This has the added advantage of being much faster, with more bandwidth to give full control over future developments.

“To be successful in this business, you need brilliant people”

 Lumishore CEO, Eifrion Evans

Building on Lumi-Link, Smart Lighting by Lumishore is the World’s first and only DC smart marine lighting system, combining colour-tunable lights with warm and cold white light (RGBW-W). The system offers enhanced mood and functionality on board. Lumishore is introducing a range of above water smart lighting products that can be controlled from the boats MFD/smart device, including downlights, and marine grade RGBW-W strip lights (accent lighting). In addition, a range of Smart Drivers will enable integration with 3rd party products such as name plates etc. As well as cold and warm white light, they allow an infinite number of hues, customized to suit a particular mood or atmosphere, to enhance aesthetics and respond to multiple boating leisure and safety conditions.

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