Athens-based Flisvos Marina was awarded 5 Gold Anchor Platinum status at end of the World Marinas Conference

Athens-based Flisvos Marina was awarded 5 Gold Anchor Platinum status last weekend alongside six other marinas in Australia, China and Montenegro. Stavros Katsikadis, managing director of Flisvos Marina SA and president of the Greek Marinas Association, received the award at the end of the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference in Athens, Greece.

The presentation of the certificate and flag that goes with the award was made on-board the museum ship Neraida, which is moored in the marina. It was built in Italy in 1939 as a Greek island ferry.

Jon White, general manager of The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA), made the presentation. The MIA’s executive officer, Colin Bransgrove, also shared in the presentation as did Darren Vaux, a vice president of MIA and Tony Dye, the TYHA assessor for the award. Vaux, by coincidence, owns the Empire Bobbin Head marina in New South Wales which was the first facility in Australia awarded with Platinum accreditation.

White started the presentation by highlighting six key aspects of the Platinum award. These are:

  • Ambience of the marina
  • On-water facilities
  • On-shore facilities
  • Customer service
  • Policies, planning and procedures
  • Environmental care

White commended Flisvos on all these areas and congratulated it on the changes it had made and renovations it had carried out to ensure the marina successfully achieved Platinum status. For his part, Katsikadis commented on how pleased he was to receive the award and indicated that it was an award for the whole Flisvos team.

Flisvos is one of Greece’s leading marina facilities offering 303 berths between 15m-180m (49ft-591ft), of which half are for superyachts. The marina was the first in Greece to offer large-scale berthing for superyachts.