In response to ever-growing demand for more berths at the Cannes Yachting Festival (CYS), the organisers are launching a project to look at ways of boosting capacity. This will mostly focus on how greater use can be made of Port Pierre Canto.

Currently Port Pierre Canto is used for mooring boats in the CYS brokerage show. This year there are some 45 yachts up to 65m (213ft) on display there. The biggest, Double Down, is the largest yacht ever displayed at the Cannes show. It was built by Codecasa, delivered in 2010 and underwent a refit in 2016. Some 20 brokers are exhibiting superyachts for sale or charter at the show, including Burgess, CNI, Engels & Volkers, Drettmanns, Bluewater, IYC, OCI, YCO and Northrop & Johnson.

CYS general manager Sylvie Ernoult spoke of the growing demand for more berths. This year there are some 600 boats and yachts at the Cannes show, but the available space in the Vieux Port has been almost totally used up.

This is the driver for the new study to identify ways of boosting capacity so that more craft can be accommodated at the show. At present only the outer part of Port Canto is used by the brokerage show and the research project will review whether a larger part of the area can be used.

At CYS 2016, the suggestion put forward was that all sailing yachts might use Port Canto and the brokerage yachts would be relocated to the Vieux Port. The results of the project will be known next year in time probably to allow any changes to be made.

The breakdown of the 600 boats in 2017 comprise 93% monohulls and 7% multihulls. Motorboats and yachts account for 83% of the total.

In terms of the size range of boats it comprises:

  • 10m-15m (39ft-49ft) – 26%
  • 15m-22m (49ft-72ft) – 21 %
  • 22m-30m (72ft-99ft) –12%
  • 30m-40m (99ft-131ft) –7%
  • 40m-plus – 2%
  • Multihulls 10m-15m – 4%
  • Multihulls 15m + – 4%
  • Semi-rigid – 9%
  • Boats under 10m – 17%