Colombia-based dealership Elite Yachts has opened a new showroom in Cartagena that is exclusively devoted to the Azimut Yachts brand.

Located in a prime location within the Cartagena Convention Center, the showroom will help lift Azimut’s brand presence from the heart of Colombia’s nautical sector.

“Azimut Yachts has always been a leading brand in Colombia and it has more yachts than any other in our waters, so we decided to invest in a proper showroom in order to provide strong bases for further development and growth,” managing partner Carlos Tramontini told IBI.

“Cartagena is a beautiful city that is growing as a luxury and corporate tourism destination and we expect we will have high visibility and brand recognition.”

Elite Yachts was founded in late 2012, when the company because an official dealer for Bavaria motorboats and sailboats in Colombia. Elite then becamse a dealer for Axopar Boats and last year became the official dealer for Azimut.

“We believe Colombia has a great potential despite the actual political undertainty and economic stagnation," Tramontini adds. “We are always looking for other brands that don’t compete with our current line of boats but complement our portfolio in order to provide our customers with the possibility to grow while staying with us.”