Less Space. More Control. The ProPilot-S combines engine throttle and bow thruster control for sail boaters

Glendinning Products LLC announces the release of a new joystick and throttle control designed for Sailboats. The ProPilot-S solves the problem of needing separate bow thruster and engine controls on board by combining all these functions in one simple, easy-to-use, top-mounted control head. The ProPilot-S was designed with the sailboater in mind. It combines throttle, shift, and thruster controls into one small package to minimize valuable space taken at the sailboat helm.


Glendinning’s ProPilot-S on a Bavaria 67

Joystick Controls – manoeuvre your boat easily using the intuitive joystick – simply move the joystick in any direction or rotate as required; the engine(s) and thruster(s) will work together to move the boat in the required direction.

Propulsion Controls – Move the lever forward or backwards to control your engine’s shift and throttle functions.

Seamless Transition – The ProPilot-S automatically extends the thrusters when the joystick is initially moved. The ProPilot-S then automatically retracts the thrusters when the cruising lever control is moved forward or reverse.

The ProPilot-S is compatible with any type or brand of thruster and is also compatible with any engine or transmission – either mechanically or electronically throttled. It also allows for multi-station and multi-engine applications. In multi-engine applications, engines would automatically synchronise under use with a control lever and run independently under use with the joystick.

Visit Glendinning’s website to learn more about the Pro-Pilot-S

ProPilot-S controls are available for immediate supply in new or retrofit Glendinning control system applications. Please get in touch with your nearest Glendinning sales representative for more information.