Aim is to provide internet access everywhere

In a move that further extends its involvement with the global yacht industry, Inmarsat is partnering with the Lagoon catamaran arm of Groupe Beneteau to offer its Fleet One service to owners of the brand.

The collaboration between these two leading companies in their respective fields of catamarans and satellites means that Lagoon boat owners can access a simple communications package at a very competitive price. This allows the owners to have ‘satellite only when you need it’ and where you need it.

A third company, Advanced Tracking, is also involved in the collaboration.

“We have been working with Inmarsat to provide internet everywhere and also Beneteau so we developed the special packages to bring the two together to benefit Lagoon owners,” Advanced Tracking MD Christophe Allan told IBI.

The system offers 99.9% world coverage working through GSM hotspots; GSM 3G and 4G networks and the Inmarsat Fleet One service which provides the owners with the coverage at attractive prices. It means that they have terrestrial wifi when in port; the 3G and 4G networks for coastal crusing and the Fleet One service for offshore sailing.

The package is available as a line-fit and retro-fit option on all Lagoon catamarans across its CNB and Lagoon shipyards in western France. The service is available through Advanced Tracking and it provides owners a cost-effective, two-year package that features unlimited satellite communication as required, plus shoreside GSM 3G/4G (including 5Go/month broadband) in more than 100 countries and Wi-Fi connectivity within 10km.

Capitalising on Inmarsat’s reliable and flexible Fleet One service created especially for leisure customers, the communication package includes 1000 minutes’ voice package, 24/7 rescue access, medical assistance, international concierge, automatic weather files reception, Konectis-mail email system, personal blog creation and tracking via satellite.

Alexandre Dauberville, marketing director of Lagoon, said: “In our connected world, communication on a yacht is a key feature for the new generation of sailors and an important point for all boat owners for cruising and security. Creating this partnership between two worldwide leaders, as Lagoon and Inmarsat, offer to clients the best service that they can expect in terms of satellite communication.”

The pack consists of the compact and light Fleet One satellite antenna with IP phone handset and a 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi router. Key Fleet One services includes simultaneous voice and IP data at up to 100kbps and access to Inmarsat’s free 505 safety service, which in an emergency directs a call straight through to a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

Boat owners can enhance their cruising experience as they wish, by updating chart navigation systems and weather forecasts in real time, making calls, accessing emails and social network apps and live tracking provided by the Konectis platform from Advanced Tracking.

Arvid Karlberg, business development manager, Fleet One, Inmarsat, said: “We are delighted that Lagoon from Groupe Beneteau has provided this significant endorsement for our Fleet One service. Through this partnership with Advanced Tracking and the new communication package more leisure customers will now be able to benefit from being connected at all time with reliable speeds when navigating close to shore and at high seas. We are excited to extend this partnership to more brands within Groupe Beneteau.”