No matter where you will find JL Audio, its values are consistent – having a good time listening to great-sounding music surrounded by family and friends.



Today JL Audio operates right at the top of the Marine Audio market. You’ll be amazed about the number of JL Audio speaker systems installed in boats from coast to coast. We are very proud of it and the fruits of many years of hard work. The JL Audio facilities in Miramar, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona, are the centre of almost 800 passionate team players. Be it with Marine, Car, Home or Powersports Audio, JL Audio has you covered. Big time. To understand why the brand has made such an impact, we need to go back in time by almost 50 years.

A brief history

JL Audio CEO, Lucio Proni, and President, Andy Oxenhorn

JL Audio CEO, Lucio Proni, and President, Andy Oxenhorn

JL Audio was founded in 1975 when two friends lent the company the first letter of their name. James Birch and Lucio Proni (JL) followed their audio dreams when they set out to produce their first HiFi speaker system in what we now would call a start-up company. In the early 1980s, they were lucky enough to ride the wave of the car audio revolution and saw their knowledge of audio expand even as their business grew like crazy. After winning several important awards in car audio competitions in the US, the JL Audio name became prevalent in the business.

Car, home and marine


Concept shown at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show

By the end of the 1980s, JL Audio had become a household name in high-end car audio, specialising in subwoofer systems, introducing their now famous W2 and W5 subwoofer models at the CES in Las Vegas to an international audience. In 1996 Andy Oxenhorn became president of JL Audio to steer the company to even greater heights, exploring new audio directions like Marine Audio and consolidating their position in Car and Home Audio, making good use of the company’s thorough understanding of audio, physics and acoustical properties of speakers and sound reproduction in relation to rooms of any size. This strategy has now brought us to the top of the Marine Audio business, as it did in our other markets.

The importance of greatness

From the first moment, JL Audio focused on delivering superior engineering, superior quality, and superior audio in all its systems, believing strongly that great audio has real value. It makes people happy and enables them to enjoy themselves more. Great audio makes our hectic lives more relaxed. In this sense delivering great audio is much more than JL Audio’s mission; it is its passion.

One big, happy family


The JL Audio family

When work comes out of passion, real craftsmanship is infused in the process, almost by default. The only thing you need is a like-minded workforce. Starting with just two like-minded visionaries, their passion attracted other great minds, leading to their immediate success as pioneers in the Car Audio industry, followed a little later by Home Audio and Marine Audio. Today you will find our 800 passionate team members to be real music lovers who also make speaker systems. They consist of former audio retailers, IASCA World Champions, installers, recording engineers, and engineering staff with vast experience in professional, car and home audio product design, who together form the JL Audio family and put their heart and soul into making great audio possible in many boats of all sorts and sizes, many cars, and many homes.

Having a good time


Axopar 25 Cross Bow equipped with JL Audio

Supporting our engineering efforts is an outstanding group of dedicated production and logistics professionals who ensure that JL Audio’s factories in the US and worldwide maintain high-quality standards. While component parts are sourced globally, JL Audio build many of its speakers in the USA. Since most of our premium loudspeakers incorporate proprietary, patented technologies that require unique assembly techniques, the company finds that building them where they can directly control these critical processes is best. Today, all premium subwoofer drivers and all marine speakers are built in-house with global components, as are most of the Enclosed Subwoofer Systems and all of the Stealthbox® products. JL Audio thinks globally to act locally. No matter where you will find JL Audio, its values remain. Having a good time, listening to great-sounding music surrounded by family and friends.

This is how JL Audio plays.