Tariffs play part in ending four-year partnership

Lippert Components (LCI) and Furrion Limited will end their distribution agreement for the US and Canada at the end of this year, with Furrion assuming sales and distribution for its product line in North America, and tariffs have played a role.

A joint statement issued by LCI, said the two companies “have enjoyed a successful four-year partnership,” but the agreement is ending two years earlier than anticipated.

“While the businesses will continue to explore opportunities to work together, with the potential impact of expanded tariffs LCI and Furrion have decided that it is in the best interests of their customers that Furrion will distribute its products directly to the customer and assume all responsibilities previously carried out by LCI relating to Furrion products,” the statement reads.

“This transition, and the added ability for LCI and Furrion to pursue tailored strategies separately and more effectively given significant changes in global trade, will allow LCI to focus on strategic acquisitions and product development to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” LCI president and CEO Jason Lippert is quoted in the release.

For Furrion CEO and president Aaron Fidler, the four-year partnership created a rapid expansion in product development.

“With a runway of over 87 products due to be launched over the next 12 months and expanding significantly over the next 5 years, we look forward to working directly with the OEM and the aftermarket dealers to ensure that the end user is getting cutting edge, reliable technology at a market leading price,” according to Fidler.