US boatbuilder Magnun Marine has announced that its Anniversary book is ready for distribution and sale.

US boatbuilder Magnun Marine has announced that its Anniversary book is ready for distribution and sale.

The book, published by Mondadory, celebrates its 47 years in the leisure marine industry. In a limited edition of 1,000 copies, the book reviews the entire history of the brand including beautiful and exclusive photographs from the beginning in the 1960’s with “guru” Don Aronow, to the latest models created since 1993 under Katrin Theodoli’s leadership getting troughs to her husband, Filippo Theodoli, an Italian boatbuilder who bought Magnum Marine in 1976.

The book also tells why Magnum Marine boats are loved by many celebrities, among them  His Majesty H.M. Carl Gustaf of Sweden, the former HM the king Spain Juan Carlos, singer Lenny Kravitz, H.E. Sheikh Mishaal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, James Bond (Sean Connery) and his creator Ian Fleming.

Filippo and Katrin Theodoli had the innovative idea of applying high-performance technology to larger, high-end yachts in order to create the first high-performance yachts. These vessels where designed to reach the speeds of the race boats, but would have the comforts of the traditional yacht.

Magnum Marine president Katrin Theodoli, comments: “Magnum Marine has been my life and is at the centre of everything I do. One day I wondered why, and I realized that Magnum is not “any” boat company. Magnum is special and it has a soul. I am sure you will agree with this.

It is for this reason, that I decided to tell the story of this unusual company and try to explain, why and how this little boat company had become such a famous brand.

It is not the size of the company, since it is very small. It is not the quantity of boats that have been built, since there are relatively few. It is not the amount spent in publicity, since it does not spend on advertising at all. How was it possible? That is what I try to answer in the story of this amazing little company that has become a legend all over the world.”

The new Magnum 51 is the last photograph in the book. She was sold to a Cuban-American owner in Miami and she will be shown at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show next October 2014.