With around 100 superyachts expected to attend the 36th America’s Cup race series in Auckland during 202, the city has plans to construct an additional 60 superyacht berths to make a total of 92 available. It is reported that half all the berths have already been booked by superyachts planning to visit for the America’s Cup.

With the previous America’s Cups, Auckland is already well supplied with superyacht berths. The Silo marina can accommodate superyachts of 100m (328ft) or more. Also taking account of the long journey the yachts will have to make to reach Auckland, the city has recently announced a new repair and refit facility to be developed at what is know as Site 18 within the Wynyard Quarter. This will further enhance the already such facilities available within the Quarter or close by.

Under a jointly-agreed plan between the New Zealand Government, the NZ Marine Industry Association and the Emirates New Zealand Team, the layout of Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter has been organised to provide the necessary team bases and as much berthage as possible for superyachts.

Seven teams are expected to complete for the America’s Cup in March 2021. Three of those teams are expected to be based in Auckland from mid-2019 onwards with all seven teams on-site by the end of next year. Of the seven bases planned four will be doubled-sized and three single ones.

A full programme of events is being planning leading up to the America’s Cup. In 2019 there will be two preliminary regattas with three more in 2020. Starting in December 2020 there will be the Christmas Cup and through January and February there will be the Prada Cup Challenge series, and the New Zealand Millennium Cup which includes a superyacht regatta. The America’s Cup race series will take place in March.

In addition to all the above the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2021.

This information was presented to the ASMEX Conference in May by Peter Busfield of NZ Marine.