Plans for new 580-berth facility put out to public consultation

Western Australia’s Ministry of Transport has unveiled plans to develop a major new marina of some 580 berths at Two Rocks harbour, a coastal community around 50km north of Perth. The new plan, which has the objective of developing the marina into a world-class destination over future decades, has been put out to public consultation.

The plan was issued earlier this week by WA Transport Minister Rita Saffioti. She commented: “The release of the Two Rocks Marina Draft Master Plan for public comment marks a significant milestone in developing a long-term blueprint to optimise the potential of the marina. Perth’s northern suburbs are growing rapidly and the Two Rocks Marina is well-positioned to accommodate future demand and provide the local community with safe maritime facilities, access to the ocean and to generate economic opportunities and jobs in construction, retail and tourism.”

The draft Master Plan has the objective of establishing a large full-service marina to serve as a tourism hub, a marine leisure base and a centre for maritime and crayfishing activities, plus to create an increasing number of jobs as the project develops. It will also have a strong community involvement.

An A$6m improvement programme is currently underway at the current small marina. This includes upgrades to the breakwater, the demolition of ageing maritime structures, including the original fuel jetty, and the construction of a small number of relocated boat pens.

Under the draft plan, the key feature will be an entertainment and recreation precinct, with a pedestrian bridge extending over the water forming the limits of a protected swimming beach. Among the boating facilities proposed is the provision of around 580 berths of various lengths, an eight-lane boat launching facility, parks and additional public spaces. Longer-term proposals for the marina will also help to reduce local environmental challenges such as seaweed build-up and erosion.

As part of the public consultation process, the Transport Department will hold an open day on July 21 at Sun City Yacht Club. This will give local citizens and interested parties the opportunity to view and discuss all the proposed features of the plan. No investment figure has been placed on this potential major marine leisure project at this time or any indication of exactly how many jobs might be created.