Twelve more planned over next eight years

BR Marinas Group, the largest business group within its segment in Brazil, is to open a new marina in the historic city of Paraty, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Rio de Janeiro state. The investment is said to be worth some US$2.3m.

The group’s new enterprise will replicate its current business model, which focuses on investing in cutting-edge technology and quality services.

In its first phase, the marina will have 65 berths for boats from 50ft-150ft. The pontoons will be made from armored concrete to give more security for the boats. The technology, which comes from Europe, is commonly used in some of the world’s largest marinas, with individual water and energy measurements berths. Reinforcing its commitment to the environment, the project also foresees a water reuse station and solar energy collection.

Present on the coast of Rio de Janeiro state with seven marinas, BR Marinas Group is beginning an ambitious expansion project with the arrival in Paraty. “We conducted a large study of the entire Brazilian coast and identified growth opportunities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The bay of Angra dos Reis and Paraty represents more than 55% of the pleasure boat fleet,” says Gabriela Lobato Marins, CEO of the BR Marinas group.

The group identifies huge potential in the segment, projecting an income of US$19.3m for this year and, for 2023, an income of US$27.8m. The growth outlook has led many investors to consider postponing the sale of their stake in BR Marinas, originally scheduled for 2023.

According to investors, the plan is to continue growing the business and take advantage of capacity that is not yet occupied before make an exit move.

“For the near future, the goal is to reach 20 marinas in less than eight years,” says Marins.