Plans part of a wider push to develop boating tourism in region

Chinese investors plan to participate in the building of more than 10 yachting marinas in Crimean Peninsula this year, according to recent statements made by Alexey Chernyak, the chairman of the Committee on Tourism, Resorts and Sports of the Crimean Parliament and some Crimean media reports.

According to Chernyak, the talks are currently ongoing, while the list of potential investors includes some leading Chinese corporations in the field of tourism.

The plans are part of an existing general concept designed by the Russian Ministry of Transport, to develop yachting in Crimea.

In accordance with the concept, in total 17 yachting marinas will be built within the territory of the Crimean Peninsula over the coming years, with the city of Sevastopol (a capital of the Russian Navy) designated as a potential future centre for yachting tourism in the region.

Alexey Chernyak comments: “For the foreign business, this area is an absolutely fresh start. You don’t need to break anything, reconstruct. You can start from the scratch.”

According to Crimean authorities, as well as Chinese, investors from the Middle East are also expressing interest. 

Chernyak also said that in spring of next year, the Parliament of Crimea together with legislative authorities of the Krasnodar Territory will complete the development of a bill on yachting tourism in Russia. It is planned, the new document will become a blueprint for the development and adoption of similar legislative acts for other resort regions across Russia.