The British Marine Federation (BMF) has announced the programme for the 2014 Marina Conference. The event, to be held in Bristol from 30th May to 1st April, will focus on the latest marina developments and is set to provide a network with marina professionals.

Keynote speaker Henry Stewart, chief executive of Happy Ltd, and author of the Happiness Manifesto, will challenge and involve attendees in how to make a company a happier, more innovative and more productive environment.

The conference will feature a number of presentations and interactive lectures including sessions on passport schemes, the economic benefits of tourism and a new ‘Best profit idea’ competition.

Day 2 will be focused on the Marinas of Bristol covering the history of the harbour and the continued management of the popular floating harbour; the day will also include a trip to Portishead Marina and a view from the developer and operator as to how the marina and local area continue to develop.