HRADF accepts €6.2m offer to manage the marina for 40 years

Just a few days before the elections in Greece, the national assets management authority awarded the 40-year concession of Chios Marina to Avlum Enterprises Co Ltd – Ioannis & Elias D Tefas Nafpigoplastiki – Cleopatra Marina SA – Touristikos Limenas Prevezas SA.

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) accepted the entity’s improved offer at €6.2m, €600,000 upfront, and an annual concession fee based the marina’s annual turnover. The HRADF remains fully committed to proceed with the exploitation of all the marinas in its portfolio, aiming to strengthen the tourist prospects of the country.

The winning bidder will, for 40 years, manage the marina on Chios, which is located some 2.5km from the town and 6km from the airport on the eastern coast of the island. The 80,000sq m harbour will be able to serve at least 180 recreational craft. The marina was constructed in the mid-90s but has remained out of use.

The concessionaire has pledged to implement within the next four years a series of investments aimed at modernising the marina so as to make it operational and at the same time to enhance the contribution to the wider region. Interventions include the modernisation of port infrastructure, the construction of building infrastructure, and the upgrade of the road network, port entrance and parking area.

The investor scheme is made up of Ioannis & Elias D Tefas Nafpigoplastiki SA, active in tourist port services, wholesale and retail sale of shipping products and pleasure boat rentals; Cleopatra Marina SA, which operates and manages the Aktio Marina; and Touristikos Limenas Prevezas SA (Tourist Port of Preveza), which provides tourist port services and manages the marina of Preveza.