Five marinas in Liguaria, Italy have teamed up under the ‘Liguria for Yachting’ banner to promote the area and turn it into a point of reference for nautical tourism in the Mediterranean.

Marina di Loano, Marina Genova, Marina Porto Antico, Marina Molo Vecchio and Porto Lotti collectively offer moorings for over 2,400 recreational boats of up to 130m in length. They are all outstanding home ports, capable of accommodating all sizes of vessels year-round, with a high standard in technical, logistic and hospitality services through to actual tourist facilities. They will serve as “access portals” to the region.

“This is a starting point which we are particularly proud of,” says Fabio Pesto, chairperson of Marina Molo Vecchio's Board of Directors and now chairperson of Liguria For Yachting. “It is a significant stimulus for boating and the whole of Liguria. We are convinced that working as a system, in a sector where there is great competitiveness and many, different elements in terms of choice and success, gives us the edge.”

“This summer we are recording a higher number of boats and increases in average stays,” adds Giuseppe Pappalardo, CEO of SPP, the company managing Marina Genova, and vice chairperson of Liguria For Yachting. “We are committed to strengthening the network in the future, taking new economic opportunities together and developing the potential for tourism along with recreational boating, hopefully in synergy with local and national institutions.”