Closed power station in Marsa could be turned into new facility

Malta’s Mayor of Marsa, Francis Debono, has proposed to establish a new marina on the site of the closed power station. Debono told The Malta Independent that the facility would bring the maritime sector back to the municipality.

“We’ve been talking about this area for 25 years; let’s transform it into a yacht marina. A yacht marina would not only encapsulate the story of the locality as a point of call for ships, but it would revive Marsa, and it would even bring back the maritime sector that was abandoned from here many years ago,” the mayor said.

“Obviously, everybody is now wondering what will happen to this area. To say that the council wants it is impossible as it is huge – but we appeal that those who will have it, regenerate the site in a manner that will give a breath of fresh air to the Marsa residents.”

In 2014, a decision was made to begin dismantling the power station and the facility was completely demolished earlier this year.

The town of Marsa is located in southeast Malta.