Most of the violations centered around the inability to produce paperwork

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cited six Massachusetts marinas for violations of the Clean Water Act, ordering five to pay fines.

Most of the violations centered around the inability to produce paperwork proving the facilities conducted mandatory testing and monitoring of water quality or had in place emergency plans to prevent the occurrence or spread of fuel spills.

According to an EPA news release, Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard Inc was fined US$26,526 for failing to meet the document requirements along with Prime Marina Vineyard Haven (US$15,721), Marblehead Trading Company (US$15,000), and Beverly Port Marina (US$3,500).

EPA issued a formal order to Ryan Marine Services to stop discharging wastewater from its facility without a permit and to fully comply with the terms of its Clean Water Act stormwater permit. Within one year of EPA’s order, the company is required to send EPA a progress report summarizing whether RMS has fulfilled its obligations under its permit. RMS also agreed to pay a US$20,000 penalty to resolve these wastewater and stormwater violations.

Finally, EPA issued a formal order to Liberty Marina requiring it to come into compliance with its Clean Water Act permit, reevaluate its water sampling locations and provide EPA with a report on its actions to comply with its permit after one year.

The EPA release states the agency will continue to inspect marinas and boat yards as the summer progresses. “Industrial marine activity has the potential to contain significant quantities of pollutants in its stormwater, and polluted stormwater can have a detrimental impact on the surrounding water quality and aquatic life. Marinas also often store quantities of oil that require a facility to have a current oil spill prevention plan.”