The UK, south west-located Mylor Yacht Harbour (MYH) has started work on securing planning permission for its proposed £1m expansion project which will add 30 berths. As a first step the marina is in touch with the Cornwall Council to discuss the best way on working through the planning process.

Leading up to a full planning permission application, a formal and informal consultation initiative will be undertaken to explain the project and address any local objections there might be. This historic marina is an active yachting centre with a demand for more berths. The marina currently has 180 berths for craft up to 15.2m (50ft).

In a statement MYH’s managing director, Neil Salter, said: "The extension we’re proposing is fairly modest and we anticipate that it would enhance the site whilst not changing the views, the ambience or making any significant demands on either the environment or the shore-side infrastructure.”

He added: "Our marina project, which began to take shape last year, is still subject to various approvals and areas of consultation before we can even think to put in a full planning application – so while pre-planning advice is an exciting next stage for us we still have a long way to go.”

Following the consultations an outline proposal will be developed which focuses on extending the marina in a northerly direction, adding additional berthing onto the existing pontoons to create a further 44 marina berths. This would necessitate the removal of 14 existing swing moorings to give a net gain of 30 additional boats.

The project would require a small amount of dredging just around the new arms of the marina. The dredged area would be no deeper than the existing marina.

Apart form Cornwall Council, MYH is working with the Truro and Penryn Harbour Authority, Mylor Parish Council and other relevant bodies to ensure all the planning and environmental aspects are met.