A new 400 tonne travel lift installed in the port of Concarneau harbour increases the capacity of JFA Yachts in respect of refit work. The travel lift is part of an unquantified investment undertaken by the port which also includes two marine flat-bed trolleys of 200 tonnes capacity each.

Concarneau harbour is an important centre for yacht, fishing and commercial repair and refit work. Apart from the new travel lift the port is also equipped with a 2,000 tonne Synchrolift and a 130m (427ft) dry dock. The port is accessible at all states of the tide for at least 5m draft.

Thanks to these new tools, JFA Yachts states that it can now look to expand its refit activites. The 400 tonne travel lift can haul out yachts from 18.3m (60ft) to 41m (135ft) with a lot of flexibility and a faster blocking process. This new investment will widen the scope of refit work that JFA is able to undertake taking in short services, winter maintenance and full refits.

Apart from the facilities that the port has mentioned above, JFA can offer five building halls ranging between 30m (100ft) to 50m (164ft) including two able to accommodate multihulls. In addition there is a 60m (197ft) private pontoon with 5m depth alongside.