The US$17m facility in Punta Carretas is expected to launch in mid-2022

A new marina is to be constructed in Punta Carretas, a district of Uruguay’s capital Montevideo, on the South Atlantic shore. Under the plan, the investment will total around US$17m.

Construction work on the project was recently initiated, with plans to launch it in mid-2022, according to broadcaster Telemundo. The facility will have the capacity to berth around 100 craft.

Uruguay’s Minister of Transportation and Public Works Víctor Rossi commented on the project by saying that the investment will allow it to modernise the existing marine infrastructure. The facility will be located in close proximity to the Punta Carretas Lighthouse.

“We try, without substantially transforming the zone, to provide the necessary services so that [this area] becomes a hub for marine sports and tourism,” Rossi said.

The contract to build the new marina, which will be developed as part of the redesign project for the port of Punta Carretas, was awarded to Uruguayan engineering and construction firm Saceem. The business plans to complete the construction work on the facility in 2021.