Construction to begin on the Greek island of Leros and in Nafplion

The Greek island of Leros in the eastern Aegean Sea is to host a new marina. A concession agreement to construct a marina in Ormos Alindon was signed by ex-Tourism Minister Thanassis Theocharopoulos just before the start of the recent Greek elections.

The project is part of the Greek Tourism Ministry’s strategy of upgrading the sea tourism product, developing sea tourism and modernising the existing infrastructure.

In addition, the tender for a private-public partnership project concerning the construction and operation of Nafplion Marina has been officially launched by the Region of Peloponnese. The tender includes two phases – an expression of interest, followed by the submission of binding offers.

Indicative costs are not yet available, but interested parties will be invited to express their interest on September 17, 2019.

The contract duration will be 40 years, while the period for the studies, licensing and construction is estimated to be around three years.

The goal of the tender is to designate a private party which, through the partnership agreement, will have the responsibility to conduct all required studies, licensing and construction of the project, as well secure its financing and operation, with modern and quality terms, security and thoroughness of the services provided.